RENEWABLE, REGENERATIVE, RECYCLED; daily choices for the better world

FORESTABLE, A Choice For Better Future.

FORESTABLE is a brand started with 'green.' From concept to product, we aim to awaken sustainable consciousness through various creative means. We love clothing as much as you do. Our mission is to forge a world of sustainable fashion and clothing circularity. We made earth-friendly choices in materials, production, packaging, recycling, and regeneration, we believe green design thinking can make the world come alive again. 

A small change can help protect the beautiful planet we call home.


100% Recycled Materials

Each 'REVIVER' is made from 3 cups of coffee grounds and 5 recycled PET bottles. It is a single material of 100% recycled polyester fiber.


S.LEISURE™ is a high standard comfort fabric that provides stretch and flexibility to the wearer while minimizing environmental impact. Compared with elastic fibers, energy efficiency is improved by at least 20%. The product line includes mechanical stretching, thermoplastic polymers and side-by-side bicomponent fibers.

  1. Quick-drying & breathable: Compared with traditional elastic fabrics, it has a better balance in terms of stretch quality, air permeability and moisture absorption properties.

  2. Elasticity & UV Protection: Provides moderate stretch and UV protection for comfort during daily activities and extends the life of the garment.

  3. Recyclable: Significantly reduces carbon footprint by eliminating energy-intensive production processes (flushing and setting*). Much of the production line is recyclable, reducing waste in landfills.

Selected for German sporting goods exhibition ISPO TEXTREND 2021/22 SELECTION

Energy Saving

Every 3,000 yards of S.LEISURE™ saves:

  1. 7,500 liters of water = enough water to supply an adult for 10 years

  2. Consumption of 315 kilowatt-hours of electricity = one household uses it for one month

  3. This is equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 117 kilograms, which is approximately equivalent to the absorption of 3,000 trees.

  4. Each S.LEISURE™ top reduces carbon emissions by the same amount as one tree absorbs in one day.

How to Recycle?

Step 1 Preparation: Please confirm that your product has been washed and dried, folded neatly, and placed in any available shipping bag.

Step 2 Shipping: Send the product back to the designated location and inform us via letter;

Receiving address: FORESTABLE REVIVER Project Recycling Team, No. 1, Yumen Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City

Step 3 Feedback: After receiving the product, we will provide you with exclusive recycling discounts for your support and mail them to your email address.

Step 4 Sharing: We will report the recycling progress of the current products to you via email or social networking sites within a period of time after recycling; please also share your sustainable recycling journey on social media to share this beauty with more people action.