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FRSTB x GTBG Xiaomanji Joint Series

New green product joint series 100% natural diamond shell carbon, to achieve... 

FRSTB x Guantian Wujin Xiaomanji Joint Series|Circular Economy

Brand new green product joint series, 100% natural water chestnut shell charcoal, to achieve energy saving and carbon reduction, forest circular economy, carbon neutrality goal. The savior of the rainy season, the clothes will not be moldy, damp and smelly. The circular economy adsorption bag made of recycled water chestnut shell is convenient to store Used in wardrobes, shoes, bags and refrigerators, it has excellent dehumidification effect, can remove odor and formaldehyde, and can be reused after drying

FRSTB Wood Vinegar Cleansing Series|Forest Cycle

Made with the concept of forest cycle, the trees are pruned, carbonized, condensed and distilled at high temperature to make wood vinegar
Each can of product is made of at least 1 kg of Taiwan forest pruning recycling, natural weak acidic ingredients, suitable for cleaning and deodorization
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Green x Sustainable Products|Everyday Choices That Are Better for the World

We hope to be FOREST (for the environment), ABLE (do something)

I also hope to continue FORE (forward)

To provide the world with the possibility of STABLE (stable development)

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