Sunglasses Recommendations | 4 Selection Rules, Introduction to the 13 Most Popular Sunglasses Brands


See here for sunglasses recommendations! This article compiles recommendations for 13 popular sunglasses brands and 4 key points for choosing sunglasses, allowing you to find good-looking and practical sunglasses based on your face shape, sunglasses color and UV resistance level! Finally, I would like to recommend you fashionable and environmentally friendly FORESTABLE sunglasses!

Table of contents:

1. Sunglasses Recommendation | How to choose sunglasses that are more suitable for you?

(1) Understand what shape of sunglasses is suitable for your face shape

(2) Color of sunglasses

(3) Large mirror sunglasses have better protection

(4) Anti-UV function of sunglasses

2. Introduction to the super brand of sunglasses! 12 must-know super popular sunglasses that all Korean stars are wearing!

(1) Recommended sunglasses for boys

(2) Recommended sunglasses for girls

(3) Recommendation of anti-UV sunglasses

3. Sunglasses can also be very environmentally friendly! Hibāng x FORESTABLE joint sunglasses recommendation

1. Wear it once and then throw it away? Clothing brands should focus on quality rather than quantity!

In the sunny summer, sunglasses have become one of the must-have items for everyone. In addition to adding the finishing touch to your outfit, more importantly, they can help protect your eyes from ultraviolet damage . There are many sunglasses brands on the market. How do you choose the right sunglasses ? In fact, as long as you master a few key points, you will find that choosing sunglasses is really not difficult!

(1) Understand what shape of sunglasses is suitable for your face shape

Many people will ask during the selection process, " Are sunglasses and face shape related?" The answer is yes! Face shape is definitely an important point when choosing sunglasses. Many people will ignore this factor. Although sunglasses come in many shapes, not every face shape is suitable. You want sunglasses to add extra points to your outfit . , you must first understand what shape of sunglasses is suitable for your face shape!

Learn about sunglasses shapes suitable for various face shapes

  • Round face: Friends with round faces can choose sunglasses with obvious angles and edges , such as square or rectangular, which can make the facial lines more prominent, increase the contour of the face, and achieve the effect of elongating the face . .
  • Square Face: If you have a square face, do you often worry about the shape of your face? But it doesn’t matter, as long as you remember to choose round or oval sunglasses , you can easily reduce the angle of the facial lines and increase the softness of the face.
  • Long face: If you have a long face , it is best to choose large-area sunglasses . While covering the face area, it can also shorten the proportion of the face length, creating a more natural visual effect.
  • Oval face: Oval face is also commonly known as "inverted triangle face". This face shape usually has a more obvious and pointed chin line, so you can choose arc-shaped or half-frame sunglasses to modify the lines of the face. Mirror-shaped sunglasses are not recommended . Wear sunglasses that are too large to avoid facial imbalance .
  • Oval face: The oval face is also often referred to as the "oval face". It is a relatively perfect face shape. There is almost no unsuitable sunglasses. If you want to make the look more differentiated, you can try different types of sunglasses, such as cat-eye sunglasses and heart-shaped sunglasses. wait.

(2) Color of sunglasses

Do darker sunglasses block more sunlight? In fact, this is a wrong concept! The color of sunglasses has nothing to do with anti-UV . If the darker the color of the lens but does not have anti-UV function, it will cause more damage to the eyes. Therefore, it is recommended to choose sunglasses in gray, brown, brown, dark green and other colors , which can reduce the sensitivity of the eyes to strong light and maintain the balance of colors.

(3) Large mirror sunglasses have better protection

In addition to protecting the eyes, sunglasses also protect the skin around the eyes from direct ultraviolet rays that can cause fine lines. Therefore, it is also very important to choose a mirror that can cover the entire eye area.

However, you still need to pay attention to the ratio of the size of the lenses to the face, such as whether the width of the frame is in line with the proportion of the forehead, whether the sunglasses fit the base of the nose and the bridge of the nose, whether the sunglasses can fit comfortably on the face, etc. These may all affect the wearing of sunglasses on the face. Comfort.

(4) Anti-UV function of sunglasses

In addition to making your outfit look more classy, ​​wearing sunglasses is also a big part of the reason why it can prevent ultraviolet rays from causing damage to the eyes, macular degeneration, cataracts, etc. Therefore, when choosing, be sure to choose ones with anti-UV400 Functional sunglasses, and the so-called anti-UV400 means that they can filter out ultraviolet rays below 400mm, so that they can truly achieve the effect of protective glasses .

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2. Introduction to the super brand of sunglasses ! 12 must-know super popular sunglasses that all Korean stars are wearing!

Want to know which sunglasses stores are recommended ? Which sunglasses brand do you recommend ? The hot summer is coming, and many people are thinking about adding a new pair of sunglasses to their jewelry cabinets. In addition to boutique brands, many niche brands have also begun to emerge, such as Qian Song, the heroine of "My Love from the Star" The Gentle Monster worn by Yi Suo is widely loved by many young people. The following has compiled 12 super popular sunglasses styles, including recommended women ’s sunglasses, recommended men’s sunglasses , and recommended anti-UV sunglasses. If you want to buy sunglasses, don’t miss it!

(1) Recommended sunglasses for boys

Recommended sunglasses brand for men 1: CELINE sunglasses

celine sunglasses

(Picture source: CELINE official website)

The biggest feature of CELINE's sunglasses is that they are "foldable", which is very convenient for storage and carrying! Simple and low-key design style, with the CELINE logo engraved on the temples and smoked lenses, it will not make your eyes feel dark. It also has a mysterious sense of perspective from the appearance. Wear it and you will instantly become a Korean Idol. , square frames are especially suitable for men with round faces!

Dimensions: temple length 5.7 inches, lens width 2 inches, bridge 0.9 inches

Price: NT$ 19,850

Recommended sunglasses brand for men 2: Klassic sunglasses

Klassic sunglasses

(Image source: Klassic official website)

Klassic's sunglasses are known as "star hits" and are suitable for every face shape. This is because they use the most popular "smooth texture flat mirror" in recent years, which can appear gentle and smooth whether viewed from the side or the front. The smooth luster, coupled with the slightly see-through lenses, gives the whole person a looming feeling. The rate of turning heads when walking on the road is definitely 100%!

Size: Lens 55*50mm, temple 145mm, bridge 23mm

Price: NT$2,580

Recommended sunglasses brands for men 3: GUCCI sunglasses

gucci sunglasses

(Picture source: GUCCI official website)

These aviator sunglasses have the GUCCI English LOGO delicately engraved on the top of the lenses and on both sides of the temples, which greatly highlights the brand's recognition. The styles in this series are all made of metal frames, paired with webbing enamel, which gives the overall design a clear sense of contrast. If you want to have a low-key and handsome style, you must not miss these sunglasses!

Size: Lens 5.4*14.5 cm, bridge 1.3 cm, temples 14 cm

Price: About NT$14,600

Recommended sunglasses brand for men 4: Ray-Ban sunglasses

ray ban sunglasses

(Image source: Ray-Ban official website)

Ray-Ban sunglasses have always been the favorite of many celebrities at home and abroad. When talking about Ray-Ban, do you immediately think of aviator sunglasses? But did you know that Ray-Ban also has many popular sunglasses styles? This ERIKA CLASSIC is the same type of sunglasses worn by many celebrities. It uses progressive lenses, and is paired with a classic rubber frame and metal temples. It is suitable for any style, allowing you to easily show off your unique charm in a sea of ​​people!

Size: Temple 145mm, lens 54*46mm, bridge 18mm

Price: NT$5,950

5 recommended sunglasses brands for men: TOM FORD sunglasses

TF sunglasses

(Image source: momo shopping network)

TOM FORD has also launched many popular classic sunglasses, such as these sunglasses, which are the same style of the famous Korean actor Lee Min Ho, and have created a trend in the market. The design elements of each of their sunglasses include the "8"-shaped frame and the "T" logo. Even though there is no brand LOGO on the sunglasses, it is very easy to see these two highly recognizable classic logos appearing. It’s hard for people to take a second look at you!

Size: Temple 145mm, lens 66*51mm, bridge 15mm

Price: NT$19,000

(2) Recommended sunglasses for girls

Sunglasses brand recommended for women 1: Balenciaga sunglasses

Balenciaga sunglasses

(Picture source: Balenciaga official website)

Balenciaga has always been considered to be at the forefront of fashion and has launched many popular products. Of course, sunglasses are no exception. Although these sunglasses lack the brand's most classic LOGO, they have BALENCIAGA in English engraved on the top of the left frame. , it’s hard not to notice this little design thought, and the frame is designed to be rectangular and close to the face. It can be said that whoever wears it is high-end and becomes a supermodel in one second!

Size: Temple 14 cm, bridge 1.8 cm

Price: About NT$12,300

Sunglasses brand recommended for women 2: DIOR sunglasses

Dior sunglasses

(Image source: DIOR official website)

I believe everyone understands the charm of DIOR. These sunglasses feature a black acetate frame with the classic logo of "CHRISTIAN DIOR PARIS" and are decorated with gold-finished metal lines, showing an extraordinary sense of high fashion. The lenses are made of modern gray lenses. Does the luxurious DIOR style make you want to buy it immediately?

Size: Temple 145mm, bridge 18mm

Price: NT$ 17,250

Sunglasses brand recommended for women 3: SAINT LAURENT sunglasses ( YSL sunglasses )

(Picture source: SAINT LAURENT official website)

Almost every product of YSL will be engraved with the most iconic brand LOGO, which is highly recognizable and is also a design that represents fashion. This sunglasses is a basic classic style, with YSL metal on both sides of the temples. medal. The most special thing is that its frame is suitable for "corrective lenses", which is especially suitable for friends who have myopia but do not have the habit of wearing contact lenses. Square frames are suitable for almost every face shape, and summer fashion depends on them!

Size: Temple 14.5cm, nose bridge 1cm, lens 6.5*5cm

Price: NT$ 15,700

Sunglasses brand recommended for women 4: PRADA sunglasses

PRADA sunglasses

(Image source: PRADA official website)

The metal sunglasses are paired with a slightly cat-eye-shaped extra-large frame and gradient brown lenses. They exude a cool fashion sense as soon as they are worn. The temples are decorated with the inverted triangle design of PRADA's classic LOGO. The texture of rose gold is suitable for any skin tone. If you want to challenge different styles, you may wish to choose these sunglasses with unique colors and designs. They will be your home wherever you go!

Size: Temple 140mm, bridge 19mm, lens width 59mm

Price: NT$ 17,500

(3) Recommendation of anti-UV sunglasses

Anti-UV sunglasses recommendation: Gentle Monster sunglasses

GM sunglasses

(Image source: Gentle Monster official website)

I believe everyone is familiar with these sunglasses, yes! It is the My Ma 01 worn by Son Ye-jin, the heroine of "Crash Landing on You". It is also a private collection of many celebrities. The exquisite arc-shaped large frame can not only effectively block ultraviolet rays, but also protect the skin around the eyes. After being put on the face, it also modifies the face shape, making the face look small and delicate. It is a sunglass that can be worn by both men and women!

Size: Temple 150.5mm, bridge 18mm, lens 65.1*56.3mm

Price: NT$ 8,590

Anti-UV sunglasses recommendation: BOLON sunglasses

BOLON sunglasses

(Image source: ETmall)

BOLON's sunglasses are designed to be "light and durable". They feel less heavy when worn on the face, making them more comfortable overall. The classic black model uses a black square frame, which not only has the effect of anti-UV, but also can effectively modify the proportions of the face, making your facial lines look more supple and delicate. With the metal logo embellishment on the temples, the texture of the sunglasses is more refined. On the first floor, it’s a pair of sunglasses that you can’t go wrong with any time!

Size: Temple 150mm, bridge 15mm, lens 61*60mm

Price: NT$3,980

Anti-UV sunglasses recommendation: BURBERRY sunglasses

BURBERRY sunglasses

(Picture source: BURBERRY official website)

Everyone knows that BURBERRY's classic plaid design can not only be used on clothes, scarves, and bags, but even sunglasses are indispensable for this classic design. These sunglasses use a large cat-shaped frame with black plaid, and the temples are engraved with the golden BURBERRY English LOGO. The overall style is low-key yet elegant. The gradient dark gray polarized non-slip lenses provide efficient UV protection. They are definitely a fashionable item. , practical and practical sunglasses!

Size: Lens 14.4*5.7 cm

Price: NT$9,700

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3. Sunglasses can also be very environmentally friendly! Hibāng x FORESTABLE joint sunglasses recommendation

As people's awareness of environmental protection increases, more and more products are moving towards green and sustainable development. Did you know that sunglasses can also be environmentally friendly? Eco-friendly sunglasses typically use renewable or recyclable materials and use green production processes. In an era where environmental protection is becoming more and more important, you might as well choose a sustainable and environmentally friendly sunglasses for yourself in order to protect our earth!

One is an eyewear brand that gives new life to abandoned fishing nets, and the other is a trendy green brand that protects forests. When Hibāng met FORESTABLE, the two brands joined forces to create the world's first 100% fully recycled sunglasses , combining sustainability and fashion. It can be done simultaneously to create high-quality and environmentally friendly items.

The sunglasses of this marine waste recycling series are based on the "Boston frame" design , and are integrated into the casual atmosphere of retro college style . The overall shape presents a slightly curved inverted triangle shape, which adds a lot of softness to the facial contour. Suitable for friends with square faces, oval faces, long faces, and oval faces .

The material of this pair of glasses is nylon made from discarded fishing nets, which has excellent elasticity . Although it uses recycled materials, it does not compromise on quality. The glasses can also withstand high pressure and collision, while weighing only 15 grams. In addition, the glasses adopt a pressure-reducing curved temple design, which can still maintain a comfortable feeling even if worn for a long time. Hibāng has also created a one-piece frame based on the facial characteristics of Taiwanese people. It has an exclusive nose pad that is twice as high and increases the contact area with the bridge of the nose to perfectly fit the face and prevent the glasses from slipping. Awkward situation .

Hibāng , allowing us to match different colors of lenses according to different seasons, occasions, moods, and outfits. In addition to being both beautiful and practical, it also brings consumers a greener and more fashionable choice!

✔️Price : Sunglasses x1+lenses x2/set NT$3,310

In our lives, just a small change can protect our earth home. FORSTABLE invites you to FOREST (for the environment) and ABLE (do something) together. If you are interested, click the purchase link below!

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If you want to protect the earth while shopping for sunglasses, go to FORESTABLE!