Carbon Right NFT: Lazy Tree

Lazy Tree is an NFT minted by FORESTABLE through the purchase of carbon rights

Support 313 Collection, is the only way to have it

All Lazy Trees are the only ones in the world and the most unique existence

This little tree is more than a certification mark

Make you proud to be part of this community

also a reminder

remind you that as part of the earth

In any way, just a little bit, you can change the world with us


Lazy Tree's design was inspired by the movie "Blade Runner 2049"

Imagine if we don't cherish the earth we live in now

In the not-too-distant future, the trees that are everywhere now will cease to exist

We hope that everyone who holds it has a heart that wants to protect the earth

blade runner blade runner 2049

blade runner blade runner 2049

▲ SOURCE: Blade Runner 2049

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