FORESTALK/情緒成本 by jyft

FORESTALK/Emotional cost by jyft

We often hear the phrase "free is the most expensive"

My explanation is that time is the most expensive and fairest thing

As you grow older, you also slowly realize how you used your time in the past

No matter how much, he will cash it to you in any form

But what I want to talk about is another thing that I think is very important "emotion"

I think emotions are very difficult things to manage

Often can influence your thoughts and even decision-making

We are often disturbed by different messages and emotions from all directions

And there is only one container for this kind of thing: yourself

We're like an empty bottle

A cup of bitter tea here, a sip of coke there, and then some corn chowder

It sounds disgusting, but it's something you need to digest

or somehow splash him out

The control and mastery of emotions has always been one of the biggest topics in my own practice

There is a saying that I don’t know who said it to share with you: "If you can control your emotions, you can control the world."

Let's unite the world together