FORESTALK / Miracle Chip by jyft

FORESTALK / Miracle Chip by jyft

This is the story of a two-faced man tossing a coin before becoming two-faced

A certain year’s Weixing Hotel, I remember that the theme was a certain room in 1985

It's a scene where we ask ourselves a question and flip a coin

It also happened to be the period when I was thinking about whether to start a business.

I was the last one when I left, maybe I can see my hesitation

The storyteller suddenly grabbed me and handed me this bargaining chip

Tell me in a low voice, "All decisions are not predestined, they are all made by you"

After spreading out the hand, it is a chip with the same sides

Since then it has been following me like this

Reminds me to trust my own judgment and everything I decide

"When you really want something, the whole universe will help you."

Be patient and keep rolling.