FORESTALK/Vintage or Destroyed by jyft

FORESTALK/Vintage or Destroyed by jyft

In the past, I have been unable to shop around the so-called Vintage Store

I always feel that it is very awkward to wear what others have worn, and I always want to wear new items

I cherish the items I bought very much

If it is dirty, worn out, or old, you will feel bad all day

Counting the past, the second-hand clothes I have bought are only one

However, these hairs will gradually disappear with time.

At this stage, I like the traces of use

Even started to make new products old by themselves

Whether it is shoes or clothes, old has old beauty

At the last exhibition, I cut the t-shirt I wanted to wear by myself

Want something different, a new look

During the process, I found that there are quite a few friends who like to destroy t-shirts, and the response is very good

Also helped the hot guy at the finale deal with one

Anyway, fun