FORESTALK/木酢的起始之緣 by jyft

FORESTALK/The Beginning of Muzu by jyft

The story has to start from last year, about November

I met this good brother at an event in the Nangang Exhibition Hall: Brother Weicheng

After chatting for less than an hour, I found that they are compatible with each other

In the next week, I went to the wood factory base in Hukou to do a complete woodworking experience

Looking back on the old days, I like to do things with my hands

When I was in junior high school, I was always a little teacher in the class of life science and technology

Popular science 1: life technology class is the former craft class

Let the students do some simple woodworking or water rockets

Popular Science 2: At that time, every class would have a small teacher position

Similar to the concept of a teaching assistant, helping to collect homework and the like

When I was a child, I didn't know the beauty of taking a nap

Every day at noon, I ran to the biology classroom to pester the teacher

Take the extra materials and make something on your own

In the factory in Hukou, we have done more in-depth

Starting from the most original wood processing, peeling, cutting, sawing, sanding, etc.

The warm touch and pleasant aroma of wood

Later on for several different reasons

I went there several times with a cheeky face and brought back a lot of works and materials

During this process, I kept asking Brother Weicheng for advice.

He is also very generous to share with us whether it is experience or resources

It also contributed to the launch of the FRSTB WOOD VINEGAR COLLECTION

Look at the wood first, the rest of the next episode