Introduction to fashionable clothing|The latest fashionable clothing trends, recommended clothing brands from various countries


Where to buy fashionable clothes? How to match this year’s popular clothes? If you want to keep up with the trend, read this! This article introduces the latest fashion trends, including 5 popular women's must-have items, 4 popular men's styles, and recommendations for popular clothing brands from various countries. Finally, I share with you the green fashion brand FORESTABLE!

Table of contents:

1. How to match fashionable clothes? First understand which items are must-have items!

(1) The latest fashion trends: spring, summer, autumn and spring all at once

(2) What fashionable clothing do girls recommend? 5 popular must-have items for women

(3) What fashionable clothing do boys recommend? 4 popular men’s must-have items

2. What are the popular costumes in various countries? Introduction to 4 super popular clothing brands!

(1) Recommended European and American fashion brands: H&M

(2) Recommended Korean fashion brands: Vivastudio

(3) Recommended Japanese fashion brand: UNIQLO

(4) Recommended fashion brands in Taiwan: FORESTABLE

3. Popular clothing brand recommendation FORESTABLE: Let green and fashion go hand in hand!

1. How to match fashionable clothes ? First understand which items are must-have items!

Are you still worried about wearing fashionable clothes ? Fashionable outfits have always been a hot topic that everyone pays attention to, because dressing is not only about dressing up, but also a way to show your style and personality. But how can you keep your outfits up to date with the trend? What matters when it comes to wearing fashionable clothes is not complexity, but whether you use the right colors and elements to match them . If you want to wear clothes with a fashionable and high-end feel, then these items are essential for matching fashionable clothes !

(1) The latest fashion trends: spring, summer, autumn and spring all at once

Clothing trends change from season to season, but many people have also discovered that items that were popular in a certain period in the past will come back again a few years later. Fashion is always surprising, so how do you find fashionable clothing ? What are the popular clothes this year ?

In fact, it is not difficult to find fashion trends. Fashion shows will release new spring and summer products for the following year in September and October every year; new autumn and spring products will be released in February and March. You can grasp the fashion of the season based on the products released during fashion week. What are the elements of clothing . In order to let everyone know more about this year's clothing fashion trends , the following is a collection of spring and summer fashion clothes and autumn and winter fashion clothes . If you want to be at the forefront of fashion, you must first understand what are the popular clothes this year !

[Spring and summer fashion trends]

1. Perspective chiffon

The dressing style with chiffon as the element emphasizes the characteristics of lightness, see-through, and softness, allowing the lines of the skin or underwear shirt to appear, creating an elegant and sexy effect.

see-through chiffon

2. Ballet style

Ballet-style costumes are usually graceful and light. The famous Korean actress Jennie once perfectly interpreted the ballet-style look at a concert, which stunned the audience and set off a wave of ballet trends around the world! Ballet style can be displayed through ballet skirts, gauze skirts, one-piece lace tops, socks, ballet shoes and other clothing .

ballet style

3. Tassel elements

Tassels are an indispensable element this spring and summer. They can be used on tops, dresses, bottoms, shoes, and even accessories to create a swaying and dynamic style. The tassel shape can not only be sweet, but also elegant. , it can also show extraordinary aura according to different combinations!


4. Minimalist style

Minimalist style is a simple and neat fashion trend that emphasizes simple, pure and natural design concepts. Usually, monochrome or a small amount of neutral tones are used, combined with simple cuts and designs, to avoid too many fancy details and decorations, making the clothing more simple, beautiful and practical.

minimalist style

5. Retro denim

Denim denim style has always been an unbeatable trend in the fashion industry and is also an indispensable popular element every year. Classic jeans, denim jackets, and denim hats can even be made into denim jumpsuits, denim shoes, etc. , emphasizing the natural, chic and straightforward dressing style.


[Fall and winter fashion trends]

1. Floral elements

There are flowers blooming even in winter! This fall and winter are definitely missing a lot of the cute elements of flowers. Whether they appear on sweaters, coats, dresses, or even accessories, the exquisite yet unobtrusive embellishments will definitely make you subvert everyone’s impression!

floral elements

2. Large shoulder padded jacket

A jacket with large shoulder pads can create more three-dimensional lines and a strong aura. This popular element was very popular in the 1980s and was one of the representatives of the fashion industry at that time. This autumn and winter, it will become one of the trends in the fashion industry again. It can also be matched with different style elements, such as street style and retro style. Wait, create a variety of fashion styles!

Large shoulder padded jacket

3. Leather

Leather is definitely the most representative popular element in autumn and winter. It can create texture, personality and powerful fashion style. In addition to the common black and brown leather jackets, you can also use leather of various colors and textures to combine Different cuts and design elements create many fashionable items. The fashion styles used in leather are also very wide, such as retro style, European and American style, elegant style, etc. It can be seen in it.


4. Fluff elements

The down element is the most commonly used element in autumn and winter clothing. The down material has a soft texture, rich colors, and beautiful luster. It is suitable for making various fashion items. It can not only achieve the effect of keeping out the cold, but also provide The overall shape adds a lot of design sense! And it can be combined with different fashion elements, such as leather, tassels, jewelry, etc., to create a rich and diverse sense of fashion.


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(2) What fashionable clothing do girls recommend? 5 popular must-have items for women

Popular clothes for girls recommended 1: short tops

A short top is definitely one of the essential items in summer. The looming feeling makes the outfit more personalized. Paired with a pair of high-waisted pants or a high-waisted skirt, it will definitely show off your body curves. It can not only pull up the Long body proportions can achieve a slimming effect!

✨Recommended short tops: Hibāng x FRSTB Marine Waste Recycling Joint Series Short Tops/Naughty White


(Image source: FORESTABLE)

Popular clothes for girls recommended 2: Oversize T-shirt

Oversize is a kind of lazy style, and it is also a popular trend in recent years. You will find that many artists follow this loose line in private, but don’t think that oversize is just for laziness. What you want to express more is the style. , Personalized style!

✨Recommended Oversize T-shirt: FRSTB LadyBug Collection T-Shirt/Short-sleeved top

Oversize T%u6064

(Image source: FORESTABLE)

Recommended trendy clothes for girls 3: Denim jacket

I believe that a denim jacket is one of the most essential items in everyone’s wardrobe! The biggest advantage of the denim series is that it can be matched with anything, whether it is a shirt, a T-shirt, a T-shirt, or even a cutie. Of course, denim jackets will also have different designs according to fashion trends, such as short denim jackets, oversize denim jackets, printed denim jackets, etc.

✨Recommended denim jacket: Levis women’s 90’s vintage denim jacket

Denim jacket

(Image source: Levi's)

Recommended trendy clothes for girls 4: Sunglasses

The existence of sunglasses can not only help protect your glasses, but also add the finishing touch to your outfit. If you want to increase your chances of turning back when walking on the road and become a star in a second, then you must not miss this fashion accessory of sunglasses!

✨Recommended sunglasses: Hibāng x FRSTB marine waste recycling joint series sunglasses


(Image source: FORESTABLE)

Recommended trendy clothes for girls 5: canvas shoes

If you could only own one pair of shoes, what would you choose? I believe that many people will choose "canvas shoes" like the editor. No matter what style they are, they can be easily matched. If you don't know when to wear them, just put on these canvas shoes!

✨Recommended canvas shoes: Converse

canvas shoes

(Picture source: Converse Taiwan Facebook page)

(3) What fashionable clothing do boys recommend? 4 popular men’s must-have items

Popular clothes for boys recommended 1: sports pants/shorts

Can I wear sweatpants only when exercising? Then you are wrong! In recent years, "sports style" has gradually become one of the fashion trends. Especially modern people tend to pay attention to comfort when dressing. Good matching will make your style more unique!

✨Recommended sports pants: FRSTB Holiday Collection S/Pants/Sports Shorts


(Image source: FORESTABLE)

Popular clothes for boys recommended 2: simple T-shirt

If you want to dress simply and fashionably, T-shirts are absolutely indispensable. In addition to the basic plain T-shirts, the editor strongly recommends that all male friends can also choose T-shirts with simple prints or LOGOs. The overall look will not look too fancy. It can also achieve the effect of embellishment!

✨Recommended T-shirt: Hibāng x FRSTB Marine Waste Recycling Joint Series Short-Sleeved Top


(Image source: FORESTABLE)

Recommendation 3 of popular clothes for boys: hooded tops

Who doesn’t have a hat and T-shirt in their wardrobe? Hats and T-shirts are like T-shirts. When you don’t know what to wear, you can easily solve the problem with one set without requiring too many dressing skills. If you want to make the overall look more eye-catching, you might as well pair it with a necklace or a baseball cap!

✨Recommended hooded top: FRSTB Holiday Collection Hoodie/Hooded Top

hooded top

(Image source: FORESTABLE)

Recommended popular clothes for boys 4: Baseball cap

The baseball cap is the most basic fashion accessory. It can not only make the outfit look more distinctive, but more importantly, it can also achieve the effect of reducing age. Putting the hat on instantly makes you look 10 years younger. If you feel that your head shape and face shape are unsightly, wearing a hat can also have a modifying effect!

✨Recommended baseball cap: FRSTB summer series baseball cap/khaki

baseball cap

(Image source: FORESTABLE)

Recommendation 5 of popular clothes for boys: sunglasses

In fact, sunglasses have always played a very important role in matching. Whether you belong to the Japanese literary style, simple style, or sports style, adding a pair of sunglasses can definitely make your outfit more stylish. Fashion! If you are a boy, the editor strongly recommends choosing light-colored lenses, which will be easier to match when dressing!


(Image source: FORESTABLE)

2. What are the popular costumes in various countries ? Introduction to 4 super popular clothing brands!

Dressing is a big knowledge, so how to choose the dressing style? Many people buy clothes blindly, but don’t know how to match them when they get home. In the end, the clothes are buried under the closet. If you want to wear Japanese style but don’t know where to buy the clothes, don’t worry! The following is a collection of popular clothing brands from Europe, America, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. If you want to dress trendy, you must first buy the right clothes!

(1) Recommended European and American fashion brands: H&M

The biggest selling point of European and American style outfits is that they are "especially eye-catching" . Girls look particularly hot, while boys look cool and handsome. If you want to master the European and American style, you must have these must-have items! H&M is the most popular European and American clothing brand in Taiwan. It hopes to provide customers with the most affordable fashion clothing. It follows the world's fashion trends and continues to launch a variety of fashionable and avant-garde clothing styles. Most of the designs are simple but Without losing personality, it is very in line with the aesthetics of modern men and women, and the diverse choices also meet everyone's dressing needs.

(2) Recommended Korean fashion brands: Vivastudio

Korean trendy fashion brand vivastudio is widely loved by young people and students nowadays. Most of the brand styles are "simple". Almost everyone in Korea has one piece. The styles are diverse and extremely versatile! It can be found that almost all designs are centered around the brand LOGO. There are not too many patterns and patterns, but they give people a fresh and refined feeling. All styles are men's size, which will be slightly loose when worn on the body, but can be easily worn. Create a lazy and stylish look!

(3) Recommended Japanese fashion brand: UNIQLO

The core brand of Japanese clothing UNIQLO is to provide high-quality, comfortable and practical clothing so that people can wear it freely in daily life. It is the favorite clothing brand of many young people. Most of the clothing design styles are simple and neat, and pay great attention to details and functionality. The products provided include men's and women's clothing, children's clothing, home clothes, sportswear, accessories, etc., and they often launch cooperation with well-known designers or brands. co-branded series, so people of any age can find their own wardrobe here, winning over many loyal customers!

(4) Recommended fashion brands in Taiwan : FORESTABLE

Who says fashion has to be gorgeous? The Taiwanese dressing style is mainly "minimalist". There are not too many dressing skills but the use of versatile items for matching. This is also the trend of Korean and Japanese fashion clothing in recent years. In the past 10 years, fast fashion has rapidly taken over our lives. It mainly uses the characteristics of "low price, variety of styles, and speed" to attract consumers to buy and buy. However, this fashion trend has led to the consequences of environmental pollution. , many brands have begun to transform and adopt "sustainability" as their business philosophy. Taiwan's environmentally friendly fashion brand FORESTABLE also hopes to balance fashion and green and provide more different choices for sustainable living!

(Image source: FORESTABLE)

If you want to protect the earth while shopping for clothing, go to FORESTABLE!

3. Popular clothing brand recommendation FORESTABLE : Let green and fashion go hand in hand!

Fast fashion is a fashion industry model that involves rapid production, large-scale sales, and low prices. Although it satisfies people's consumer needs and desires to a certain extent, it also brings many negative impacts that cannot be ignored.

For example, in pursuit of low-cost production, fast fashion brands often use large amounts of chemicals and large-scale production methods to manufacture clothes, which leads to pollution problems in water sources, soil and air in many places. In the process of rapid production, too frequent changes in design and style will lead to the problem of excess clothing. The decomposition time often takes many decades, and eventually mountains of clothing waste are accumulated.

On the other hand, clothes produced using a large amount of chemical substances will have a certain impact on the human body . For example, many people often feel itchy after wearing the clothes. In severe cases, they may even cause redness, swelling, and rashes. , this is all because the clothes contain too many chemicals, causing skin allergic reactions.

As global warming and environmental pollution become increasingly serious, more and more people are beginning to realize the importance of environmental protection and sustainable development. Therefore, fast fashion is gradually being eliminated from people's lives, and the concept of environmental protection and friendliness has begun to become a The trend of popular clothing has emerged as "slow fashion" that reduces harm to the environment.

Taiwan's cutting-edge brand FORESTABLE hopes to balance the "fashion" it loves and the "sustainability" of the environment. It uses "green" as the brand's business philosophy to create trendy clothing that is both fashionable and environmentally friendly ! At the same time, it also lets more people know that a small change in life can protect our earth. Of course, FORESTABLE wants to do more than just environmentally friendly clothing, but also hopes to turn every little thing in life into green. Give people more choices.

In addition to clothing, there is also the wood vinegar cleaning series that has always been popular with the public. It uses the concept of forest recycling to produce sustainable x environmentally friendly cleaning products, including shampoo, shower gel, concentrated laundry detergent, and dishwashing detergent. etc., reducing the impact of chemical substances on the human body, and realizing the sustainable development concept of recycling and reuse!

FORESTABLE invites you to join the ranks of "green living". Let's do something (ABLE) for the environment (FOREST). If you are interested, you may click on the purchase link below to replace "no consumption" with "no waste".

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If you want to protect the earth while shopping for clothing, go to FORESTABLE!