[RE:] step

step1 preparation

Please make sure your product has been washed and dried, folded neatly, and placed in any available shipping bag.

Step2 Send

Send the product back to the designated location and inform us via letter;

Receiving address: FORESTABLE REVIVER Project Recycling Team, No. 1, Yumen Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City

Step3 Feedback

After receiving the product, we will provide you with an exclusive recycling offer for your support and mail it to your email inbox.

Step4 Share

We will report the current product recycling progress to you via email or social networking sites some time after the recycling; please also share your recycling journey on social media to share this wonderful action with more people.

[RE:] reward & Discount

T-Shirt: TWD.60
Hoodie & sweater: TWD.150
Sports pants: TWD.150
Others: TWD.100