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FRSTB 313 Carbon Neutral Garment Long Sleeve Top

FRSTB 313 Carbon Neutral Garment Long Sleeve Top

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This time the image is slightly adjusted to be cooler,

We look at the color closest to the actual product on the Mac screen attached to the last product photo,

However, due to different screen settings and brands, it will affect the color rendering of the monitor, and the actual product color is the main product for shipment.



313 Collection is FORESTABLE's first carbon-neutral clothing line

Each item in this series contains a 25kg green energy carbon NFT: Lazy Tree

As proof that you've done your part for the planet

Each product is equipped with an NFC Tag on the right hem in the clothing label

After scanning with the mobile phone, you can go to the minting exchange of NFT


The fabrics are all made of 100% 20-count combed cotton

Strengthen the elastic thread and increase the density of the fabric, so that the round neck design is not easy to deform

Loose fit for everyday comfort and style

Product content: LS T-Shirt x1 + Lazy Tree NFT x1

Product color: Carbon Gray zero carbon gray


Model height/weight: 183 cm/74 kg, wearing size: Mori

Size table/unit: cm/flat measurement

shoulder width 72 67
chest width 66
Sleeve Length 64
clothes length 83 78
Hem Width 66

The size is based on the actual product manual measurement error 1-2 cm is within the normal range


1. This time the image is slightly adjusted to be cooler. We attached the last product photo with the Mac screen to see the closest to the actual product color. However, due to different screen settings and brands, it will affect the color of the display. Presentation, shipments are mainly based on the actual product color

2. The redemption code of the NFT will be sent out simultaneously with the product. After receiving the product, you can scan it with your mobile phone to redeem it; please note that this series is a combination of physical and digital products. Once the NFT in the combination is redeemed, it is deemed to be used, and the product Cannot be returned

3. If there are force majeure or unexpected events (such as epidemics, production accidents, natural disasters, logistics accidents, etc.) that cause delays in shipments, we will update the announcement on the official website, Facebook fan page and Instagram

4. In accordance with the "Consumer Protection Law", after receiving the product, there is a seven-day appreciation period (starting from the day after receiving the product). Special reminder that this is not a trial period. If the product has no problems or defects, it will not be returned or exchanged after use. goods

5. If there is any condition after receiving the product (such as: new product defect, delivery defect and non-human damage), please send the orderer's name, Send the contact number, reason for return, photos of clearly visible pictures and relevant documents to the customer service mailbox:

6. After confirming that it is a defective product, we will arrange a special person to contact you about the return and exchange

7. For other precautions, please refer to the Q&A announcement

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