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Hibāng x FRSTB Sea Waste Recycling Sunglasses / Natural Nude

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Ultra-light, highly elastic, compatible with both aesthetics and practical functions

Hibāng x FORESTABLE co-branded glasses are based on Boston frames. The retro college atmosphere adds a casual atmosphere to the look. The slightly curved inverted triangle outline makes the facial lines softer. Although it is made of recycled materials, the quality is not compromised at all! Because the nylon material of the fishing net itself has excellent elasticity, as a material for glasses, it can be stacked with a tough base that is "pressure-resistant and impact-resistant". It weighs only 15 grams and is designed with pressure-reducing curved temples, which can be worn for a long time. Comfortable feel. In addition, Hibāng has designed a one-piece frame specifically designed for Taiwanese faces, with an exclusive nose pad that is doubled in height and a larger contact area with the bridge of the nose. It perfectly fits any facial curve, and you no longer have to worry about the embarrassing appearance of your glasses slipping off and constantly being pushed!

 The " Hibāng x FORESTABLE Cozy Ghost Collection " series of glasses has two frame colors of "Deep Sea Black / Natural Nude", and is further added with "Silver Iron Black + Mustard Yellow" and "Bronze Brown + Naughty Purple" color lenses, with The wearer can match his or her own changing looks according to his mood and clothing.

Product content

Sunglasses x1 + lenses x2 set

product's colour

Frame: Nature Nude

Lenses: Bronze Brown + Naughty Purple

Hibāng x FRSTB Sea Waste Recycling Sunglasses / Natural Nude
  • Sold out $3,310.00