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Hibāng x FRSTB sea waste recycling joint series short top / lazy powder

Hibāng x FRSTB sea waste recycling joint series short top / lazy powder

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Since its establishment this year, the new brand " FORESTABLE " aims to create a variety of options for sustainable living. It has joined hands with professional teams in various places to jointly develop clothing and daily necessities, and realize the green spirit with a playful style. This time, we have cooperated with the world's first full-cycle eyewear brand " Hibāng " to launch a series of special items, dedicated to you and the most environmentally friendly clothing aesthetics.

This joint series includes wonderful clothing performances, which not only give play to the iconic trend factor of FORESTABLE , but also bring a style T-Shirt for women for the first time. For men, the short-sleeved and sleeveless versions meet different dressing needs. The ghost elements that echo the theme can be seen in the whole series, showing a playful and lovable tonality, and it is also connected with " Hibāng x FORESTABLE Cozy Ghost Collection " sustainable core.


Product content: Crop Top x1 + Cozy Ghost NFT x1 (limited to 300 pieces, first buy first served, while stocks last)

Product Color: Cozy Pink


Size table/unit: cm/flat measurement

shoulder width 42 39
chest width 48 46
Sleeve Length 15 13
clothes length 45 42
Hem Width 48 46

The size is based on the actual product manual measurement error 1-2 cm is within the normal range

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