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FRSTB x Guantian Wujin Xiaomanji joint series diamond shell carbon particle adsorption bag

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100% natural diamond shell charcoal\the strongest adsorption bag on the earth's surface /
Rainy season savior! Moisture, odor, formaldehyde, and ozone are removed in one go!
Achieve carbon neutrality & forest circular economy
"Taken from earth, giving back to earth. "

After FORESTABLE and the recycling of forests and oceans, focus on the utilization of agricultural surplus materials, let sustainability and creativity enter your life, and protect the items you cherish at home.

This time, we join hands with the local innovative brand "Guantian Wujin" to launch the "FRSTB x Guantian Wujin Xiaomanji Joint Series", carrying forward the concept of "reusing waste, turning garbage into Wujin!", and using waste water chestnut shells to make moisture-absorbent products. The deodorizing diamond shell carbon particles simultaneously sequester a large amount of carbon, combat the global greenhouse effect, and practice green living.


product features:

* Lingke charcoal has been experimentally proven to be able to adjust the optimal humidity in the environment, absorb odor molecules, remove formaldehyde and ozone, and its water purification effect is better than that of charcoal and bamboo charcoal.
*Comply with International Biochar Initiative (IBI) standards and European Biochar Certification Body (EBC) standards
*Comply with eight major heavy metal and organic poison testing standards
*Patented carbonization system: complies with low-carbon standards and fully reuses heat sources
* 1 pack of Xiaomanji Lingke carbon particle adsorption pack = 10 basketball courts area
*The PE zipper bag is reusable


Product desciption:

  • Specifications: 13x9(cm) / 20g
  • Shelf life: about 3-6 months after opening ( depends on the nature of use )
  • Origin: Taiwan ( Guantian, Tainan )
  • Material: recycled water chestnut shell, green outer bag PP material, PE zipper bag
  • Safety: Comply with national standards for heavy metals, toxic substances and dioxin
  • Function: Adjust humidity, adsorb formaldehyde and odor molecules, and remove ozone.
  • How to use: It can be placed in bags, cars, refrigerators, cabinets, quilts, shoes, shoe cabinets, wardrobes, drawers, toilets, etc. where odor removal and humidity adjustment are required. Open the sealed package before use to avoid reducing adsorption efficiency.
  • Cycle activation: Generally, after 3 months of use, the adsorption bag can be reused after exposing it to the sun for about 3 hours. It can be recycled twice in total (i.e. 6 months).
FRSTB x Guantian Wujin Xiaomanji joint series diamond shell carbon particle adsorption bag
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