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FRSTB x GTBG Xiaomanji joint series diamond shell carbon particle adsorption bag

FRSTB x GTBG Xiaomanji joint series diamond shell carbon particle adsorption bag

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100% natural diamond shell charcoal\The strongest adsorption package on the surface /
The savior of the rainy season! Moisture, stuffy smell, formaldehyde, ozone can be removed at one time!
Realize net zero carbon emissions & forest circular economy
"Taken from earth, giving back to earth."

After FORESTABLE and the recycling of forests and oceans, focus on the utilization of agricultural surplus materials, let sustainability and creation enter life, and protect the things you cherish at home. This time, we joined hands with the local creative brand "Guantian Wujin" to launch the "FRSTB x Guantian Wujin Xiaomanji Joint Series", carrying forward the concept of "reusing waste, turning garbage into Ujin!", and making waste water chestnut shells into moisture-absorbing products The deodorizing rhombic charcoal granules can simultaneously fix a large amount of carbon, fight against the global warming effect, and practice net-zero emissions and zero-carbon life.

product features:

*Experiments have proved that water chestnut charcoal can adjust the optimum humidity in the environment, absorb odor molecules, remove formaldehyde and ozone, and the water purification effect is better than charcoal and bamboo charcoal.
*Complies with the standards of the International Biochar Initiative (IBI) and the European Biochar Certification Body (EBC)
*Conform to the testing standards of eight heavy metals and organic toxic substances
*Patent carbonization system: meet the low-carbon standard and fully reuse the heat source
1 pack of small full diamond shell carbon particle adsorption pack = 10 basketball courts
*Vacuum-sealed bag packaging adopts PE zipper bag, which can be reused

Product desciption:

  • Specifications: 13x9(cm) / 20g
  • Shelf life: about 3-6 months after opening ( depending on the nature of use )
  • Origin: Taiwan ( Tainan Guantian )
  • Material: recycled water chestnut shell, green outer bag PP material, PE zipper bag
  • Safety: in line with national standards for heavy metals, poisons and dioxins
  • Function: regulate humidity, absorb formaldehyde and odor molecules, remove ozone.
  • How to use: It can be placed in purses, cars, refrigerators, cabinets, quilts, shoes, shoe cabinets, wardrobes, drawers, toilets and other places that need to remove odors and adjust humidity. Open the sealed package before use to avoid reducing the adsorption efficiency.
  • Circulation activation: Generally, after 3 months of use, expose the adsorption bag to the sun for about 3 hours, and then it can be reused. A total of two cycles (ie 6 months) can be used.
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