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Hibāng Youyu circular glasses minimalist design | Penghu Phênn-ôo / deep sea black

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Square with a circle, slightly wider design,
There are no unnecessary lines, which is the ultimate pursuit of the prototype and function of glasses.

Hibāng is taken from "fishing net" and is also the line of "hope". It is a brand that combines sustainability and quality life. Let people enjoy sustainable life happily without compromising the quality of life because of the ideal of sustainability.

According to a 2018 report by World Animal Protection, as many as 640,000 tons of "ghost fishing gear" are lost or abandoned in the ocean every year, accounting for approximately 10% of global ocean emissions. In 2020, the Marine Conservation Department removed about 41,000 kilograms of marine debris from Taiwan waters, and abandoned nets accounted for 89%. These fishing nets, originally designed for hunting, have become more terrifying undersea killers than straws and plastic bags.

Youyu recycling glasses are made of recycled materials from Taiwanese fishing nets. We hope to add value to recycled materials to promote more comprehensive recycling of fishing nets and reduce the chance of becoming marine waste.

  • Named after the Taiwanese language of the outlying island of Taiwan, it is printed in a low-key manner on the outside of the temples, faintly visible under the reflection of light.
  • Increased nose pad to fit Asian face shape. With a weight of 15 grams, it can be worn comfortably all day long and will not slip off easily.
  • The material is tough, elastic and resistant to pressure, so it won't be easily deformed even if you accidentally sit on it. It doesn’t wear out and is very environmentally friendly.

product's colour

Frame: Deep sea black

Lenses: silver-gray coated sunglass lenses

Hibāng Youyu circular glasses minimalist design | Penghu Phênn-ôo / deep sea black
  • $2,800.00