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The F.TABLE Rebirth Project (used CLOT Red Alienegra 2018)

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FORESTABLE is a creative unit based on clothing

We create the beauty of things through "hand-made" and "hand-painted"

Even if it is flawed, it is full of warmth

Make "REUSED" part of your life

The reuse of old products, old products, and waste materials is not only environmentally friendly

Can always bring out the story and temperature of things

It's not that we don't take the initiative to pursue, but we emphasize "fate"

This item is made from second-hand clothing and will be laundered prior to shipment

The The F.table Project

Remodeling with those classics left in our closets

Let the old things be regenerated as part of life

About CLOT

CLOT was co-founded by Edison Chen and Kevin Poon in 2003,

Committed to becoming a bridge connecting Eastern and Western cultures, and promoting their culture in the fields of fashion, music, and design.

As CLOT's representative Alienegra thorn camouflage, it re-enacted the fiery red Red Alienegra series in 2018,

The classic red glitter pattern reproduces the classic thorns,

The image was performed by Edison Chen's assistant "Long Ge".

Contents: tablecloth x1, Pori wire round table x1, FORESTABLE handmade tag x1

Size: Table diameter 80cm/height 75cm

About Shipping

1. Since the tables are delivered in an assembled form, after placing an order, someone will contact you to discuss related delivery matters

2. If your delivery location is not in Taiwan, we will have someone to discuss with you including (international) shipping costs and related delivery matters