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FRSTB The REVIVER T-Shirt / Breathable Quick-Drying / Cycle Black

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FORESTABLE has newly launched " THE REVIVER " series, which uses the concept of destruction and rebirth of the reviver to continue the "green" brand purpose, transform and upgrade fabrics into environmentally friendly recycled materials, and practice the concept of sustainable recycling, not only recycling, but also rebirth. With the most practical T-shirt shape and versatile style, you can easily complete your daily wear.


100% environmentally friendly recycled material

This fabric called S.LEISURE ™ is made of 100% recycled polyester fiber, and its raw materials come from coffee grounds and recycled PET bottles. Each piece of REVIVER is made from the grounds of 3 cups of coffee and 5 recycled clean PET bottles, reducing carbon emissions by the same amount as one tree absorbs in one day.


– It has functions such as quick drying, breathability, and good elasticity!

High-standard comfortable fabrics have a better balance in stretch quality, air permeability and moisture absorption properties than traditional elastic fabrics, while providing UV protection. Provides stretch and flexibility to the wearer, providing comfort during daily activities and extending the life of the garment.


– A sustainable recycled T-SHIRT

S.LEISURE ™ fabric can be recycled into textile materials and made into a brand new piece of clothing, greatly improving resource utilization efficiency and reducing waste. When you no longer need this REVIVER one day, you are welcome to send it back to us for reproduction and re-creation to extend its life.



 Really wearable, thick and loose fit, anti-wrinkle and no ironing required!

This time, we use solid and thick weight to create a classic everyday T-shirt , which is very stiff to wear and adds texture. There is no need to worry about stuffiness because the special fabric is more wrinkle-resistant and less deformable than ordinary cotton T-shirts . The pattern has been adjusted to make it slightly looser, making it easier to move around. The sleeve length and shoulder width are just right.



 Brand logo triangle brand new vision, printing is light and has no glue feel

An exclusive image specially created for this series is placed on the chest and back. In addition to the new font, the iconic triangle of the brand LOGO is also changed to a solid and framed presentation, making the lines with a modern style cleaner and neater. The overall printing color is light and natural, not too heavy and saturated, and it is breathable and not easy to stick to when worn. The color matching echoes this theme, using neutral and dark tones of black and gray, which is practical and versatile.



Highlights of design details: washable labels and recyclable woven labels of the same material

The enlarged washable label design carries the brand's green concept and the slogan of caring for the earth. It is printed and sewn on the inside of the back with the same cloth material, so that the back of the neck will no longer itch. The black brand woven label on the hem and the entire stitching are made of recyclable materials.



Product Info

Origin: Designed in Taipei, Assembled in Taiwan

Material: 100% S.LEISURE™

Composition: 100% Polyester Soft Tricot Fabric

Weight: 220gm/m ‡5%

Finish: anti-bacterial

Color: Black

Laundry Instructions: machine wash cold separately / machine wash gentle / do not tumble dry / do not iron / do not dry clean / do not bleach


Size chart/Unit: cm/Measurement when laid flat

Model: 177/75 wearing size "森"

Chest width 53 48 44
Sleeve Length 25 23 21
clothes length 74 69 65
Hem Width 65 60 56

The dimensions are all based on manual measurement of the actual product. The error is 1-2 cm, which is within the normal range.

FRSTB The REVIVER T-Shirt / Breathable Quick-Drying / Cycle Black
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