We watch, we touch, we reflect, we create.

About two albums and movies that inspired the brand.

If one day

The sky is orange

Oxygen mask vendors can be seen everywhere on the roadside

Endless droughts and forest fires

The irreversible high temperature causes newborns on earth to be born with heart disease

You must pay 6 months of carbon credits to redeem "real" food

Only one humpback whale left in the entire ocean

Seeing a polar bear becomes a legend

The iceberg is almost melting

But there are still people who only care about mining Arctic minerals


When these are not the future or the future, but the present continuous tense ...

The series " Extrapolations " focuses on the issue of climate change and consists of eight interconnected episodes that describe how the coming changes will affect human love, faith, work and family.


The play spans a large amount of time, but the "déjà vu" is super real.

In addition to seeing global warming that is completely out of control, we also see human nature, business and politics intertwined with greed .


" A drama that thinks the climate will remain the same in 10 or 15 years.

It’s a science fiction show because the climate is changing. ”——Director Scott Z. Burns Scott Burns

▲ SOURCE: Extrapolations

The design of FORESTABLE NFT Lazy Tree is inspired by the movie "Blade Runner 2049"

Imagine if we didn’t cherish the earth we live in now

In the not-too-distant future, the trees we see everywhere today will no longer exist

We hope that everyone who holds it will have a heart that wants to protect the earth.

All Lazy Trees are the only and most unique ones in the world.

This little tree is more than just a certification mark

Make you feel proud to be a member of this Community

It is also a reminder

Remind you that as a member of the earth

No matter how you use it, with just a little bit, you can change the world with us

▲ SOURCE: Blade Runner 2049