FORESTABLE The Generation 2

The new "THE REVIVER" series was born in the virtual and real world of [F]UTOPIA

Create daily comfort and fashion with recycled materials and recycling concepts


[F]UTOPIA, an oasis where humans, technology and nature coexist harmoniously.
After being controlled by greed and exhausting all resources,
Can we still reach the balanced world of our dreams?
In order to realize an ideal society in which humans and the environment coexist,
Have a just, peaceful, natural and harmonious, avant-garde and green lifestyle,
[F]UTOPIA was born.

"THE REVIVER. Revival of Revelation

The destruction and rebirth of the Revival.
Traveling through the chaotic night and arriving at dawn, THE REVIVER stitches the broken fragments back together, seamlessly weaving moments of revival.
Having witnessed the power of destruction, we long for the power of new life to rise and bring peace.
Gathering every tiny change in the realm of virtuality and reality, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.
An adventure beyond the limits of stagnation,
Ignite potential energy with new sparks and awaken dormant consciousness.
Then be reborn.


In the rapidly developing modern society, with the advancement of science and technology, people are increasingly eager to find a harmonious, green, technological and sustainable future. This is exactly the concept that FORESTABLE's new series [F]UTOPIA hopes to convey.

[F]UTOPIA is not just a product series, it represents a forward-looking lifestyle. It’s not only fashion and design, but also FORESTABLE’s expectations for the future world. In this utopian oasis, nature and technology are harmoniously combined, and every corner of the city is symbiotic with greenery and vitality. Consumption becomes meaningful, no longer a blind request, but a true respect and treasure.

Through [F]UTOPIA, FORESTABLE practices the balance between technology and sustainability in modern life. All-weather daily sustainable clothing not only adapts to various climates, but also uses innovative technology to ensure that each product can meet the needs of modern people while also responding to the value of environmental protection. In this ideal, technology and greenery are no longer contradictory, but complementary, working together to shape the harmonious future we dream of.

FORESTABLE hopes to lead a lifestyle that pursues harmony, greenery, technology and sustainable development. We invite you to join this movement and participate together to create a better [F]UTOPIA and make the future brighter.

As an inspiration to life, the "THE REVIVER " series is more than just a piece of clothing; it is a conscious embodiment of values, transcending mere fabrics and conveying the message of rebirth and recycling through every regeneration and reuse. Hope empowers every wearer, injecting, inspiring and driving the eternal cycle of renewal and change in daily life. We look forward to personal and collective evolution so that present choices coexist harmoniously with future commitments.

We believe fashion is an expression of one's will and a way of dealing with the world. We create styles that embrace the challenge of continuous renewal and a spirit of change.

We look forward to exploring various possibilities with you and heading towards a brighter and more dynamic future.


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