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[Pre-Order] FRSTB The PROTECTOR Hoodie / Waterproof Breathable

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FORESTABLE launches a new series of " THE PROTECTOR ", which uses high-tech fabrics to perfectly combine daily fashion and functionality. It is water-repellent, breathable, and warm, and has excellent comfort and feel. The specially designed hat T has a loose fit and stiffness, and is extremely light to wear, showing its ability to easily travel between cities, adapt to changing climates, and face various daily situations with defensive survivability. A hat and T can get you through the entire autumn and winter!



– One-piece single-layer non-fitting plain weaving process

The exclusive patented technology of "STORMFLEECE™ storm bristles" uses plain weaving and brushing processes to create a windproof and rainproof outer layer and a soft and warm inner layer. The smooth twill on the surface adds personality and stiffness to the fabric. The comfortable feel when worn is amazing, just like cotton, and it has just the right warmth like being surrounded by cotton.



– Windproof, water-repellent and rainproof, super breathable, and extremely functional with ease of movement

High-tech textile technology is used to achieve paint-free water-repellent performance, which is superior to ordinary coating waterproofing, and the waterproof effect is not affected after washing. It can withstand wet and cold weather, has better wind-shielding effect and durability, allowing you to easily welcome the autumn and winter rainy seasons. At the same time, it overcomes the common shortcomings of windproof and waterproof functional fabrics and has extremely high breathability. Even when worn indoors, it does not feel stuffy.



– An extremely lightweight piece for fall and winter! Wearing multiple layers is not too bulky

This may be the lightest hat T-shirt you have ever worn! Based on a single-layer fabric structure, STORMFLEECE™ has a smaller volume and lighter weight than ordinary 2- to 3-layer fabrics. Weighing only 280g, it feels weightless when worn. There is no longer a dilemma between thick fabric, stiffness and weight, and it can be easily worn in multiple layers.



– Ocean-friendly technical weave

A single layer of fabric can embody both strength and softness, replacing the traditional knitted two-layer soft shell (Soft-Shell) , reducing raw material consumption in production. Because its plain weave structure is tighter than knitted fabric, it can reduce the environmental pollution problems of lint and peeling. . No lint is shed during laundry, reducing pollution and practicing ocean friendliness.


– Loose fit with stiffness, three-dimensional and fluffy cut

Through the carefully designed O versized version, combined with the characteristics of the fabric, the version is loose and the stiffness is just right, showing a natural but not soft drape. The specially adjusted wide sleeves make it easier to move around without getting stuffy, the kangaroo pockets add practicality, and the ribbed cuffs are solid and prevent them from deforming or loosening. The hat-shaped silhouette has three-dimensional lines when worn, getting rid of the common rigid tailoring, and adding straightforward fashion to casual street wear. It is comfortable and lazy to wear but not dull!



– Brand logo triangle brand new vision, printing is light and glue-free

An exclusive image specially created for this series is placed on the chest and back. In addition to the new font, the iconic triangle of the brand LOGO is also changed to a solid and framed presentation, making the lines with a modern style cleaner and neater. The overall printing color is light and natural, not too heavy and saturated, and it is breathable and not easy to stick to when worn. The color matching echoes this theme, using neutral and dark tones of black and gray, which is practical and versatile.



– Highlights of design details: washable labels and recyclable woven labels of the same material

The enlarged washable label design carries the brand's green concept and the slogan of caring for the earth. It is printed and sewn on the inside of the back with the same cloth material, so that the back of the neck will no longer itch. The black brand woven label at the hem is made from recyclable material.



Product Info

Origin: Designed in Taipei, Assembled in Taiwan

Material: 100% STORMFLEECE™ PRO

Composition: 91% Polyester 9% Spandex 4 Way Stretch

Weight: 280 gm/m ‡5%

Finish: CO W/R

Color: Beige

Laundry Instructions: machine wash cold separately / machine wash gentle / do not tumble dry / do not iron / do not dry clean / do not bleach


Size chart/Unit: cm/Measurement when laid flat

Model: 177/75 wearing size "森"

Chest width 59 57 54
Sleeve Length 56.5 55.5 54.5
clothes length 73 70 68
Hem Width 56.5 54.5 51.5

The dimensions are all based on manual measurement of the actual product. The error is 1-2 cm, which is within the normal range.

[Pre-Order] FRSTB The PROTECTOR Hoodie / Waterproof Breathable
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