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FRSTB x GTBG: 4 Pack + T-Shirt

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100% natural diamond shell charcoal\the strongest adsorption bag on the earth's surface /
Rainy season savior! Moisture, odor, formaldehyde, and ozone are removed in one go!

Local CreationX Sustainable TrendX Forest Circular Economy
"Taken from earth, giving back to earth. "

After FORESTABLE and the recycling of forests and oceans, focus on the utilization of agricultural surplus materials, let sustainability and creativity enter your life, and protect the items you cherish at home.

This time, we have joined hands with the local innovative brand "Guantian Wujin" to launch the "FRSTB x Guantian Wujin Xiaomanji Joint Series", carrying forward the concept of "reusing waste, turning garbage into Wujin!" The waste water chestnut shells are made into hygroscopic products The deodorizing diamond shell carbon particles simultaneously sequester a large amount of carbon, combat the global greenhouse effect, and practice green living.

Product content: Lingke carbon particle adsorption bag x4 + co-branded top x1

Size chart/Unit: cm/Measurement when laid flat

- forest Forest Wood
shoulder width 61 55
Chest width 62 57 53
Sleeve Length 29 27 25
clothes length 77 72 68
Hem Width 64 58 55

The dimensions are all based on manual measurement of the actual product. The error is 1-2 cm, which is within the normal range.

FRSTB x GTBG: 4 Pack + T-Shirt
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